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#104 The Future of Islam in Africa is Bright, with Shaykh Bilal Ismail

Shaykh Bilal Ismail 0 Min Read

We sit with Shaykh Bilal Ismail from South Africa and hear about the inspiring work being done for the da’wah there. From training Imams and the realities of the ‘Rainbow nation’, the

#103 Our Khateebs MUST Do Better | In Conversation with Mustafa Al-Mansur

Mustafa al-Mansur 2 Min Read

In this thought-provoking episode, we sat down with Mustafa al-Mansur in a deep and honest conversation about life, personal development, and the gap between our ideals and reality. Mustafa shares his journey

#102 We SAT with 2 EXPERTS on Muslims & the Pride Movement

Dr. Mobeen Vaid 1 Min Read

We caught up with Dr. Mobeen Vaid, one of the foremost researchers on Islamic relationship norms in the US & Yusuf Patel, a veteran campaigner on parental rights amid the UK's LGBT

#101 Meet the scholars bringing back Khilafah | Dr. Ovamir Anjum

Dr. Ovamir Anjum 1 Min Read

Is the Ummah too big to rule? Can a Khilafah really be established in the 21st century? Who is looking after the interests of the Ummah today?

#100 Celebrating 100 Episodes! Why Pakistan’s Dawah Scene Deserves Recognition

Islam21c 1 Min Read

We mark our 100th milestone episode in Lahore, Pakistan with a special gathering of faces who have helped the Unscripted Podcast become what it is today.

#99 Are women’s rights being hijacked for a sinister agenda?

Sally-Anne Burris 0 Min Read

As we reach the 99th episode of Unscripted, we pose the question: are women's rights being hijacked for a sinister agenda?