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Every Child Has The Right To Both Parents:

In Their Shoes 2020 was a huge sucess, the first of its kind!
Now we need your help to deliver this years In Their Shoes Campaign
Take on the crowdfunding challenge this Ramadan and help us raise the funds we need to prepare and deliver an even wider reaching, impactful and change making campaign than last year.

What is 'In Their Shoes' all about?

Islam21c has come across an unethical and anti-Islamic practice which is on a steep rise; Access to children is being weaponised by one parent against another in some family disputes.

The effects it is having on the children’s wellbeing and their futures is concerning enough, but even more is the far reaching consequences on our Muslim communities’ future as a whole.

If we do not act now and raise awareness to bring sanity and reason to what is naturally an emotionally driven problem, we face a future of broken families and broken children and all the unwanted side effects that inevitably come with this.

A Campaign Like No Other ...

The response from the community has been phenomenal and thousands upon thousands of people have heard our call. Alhumdulillah.


And let’s not forget, this message is bigger than Islam21c, we have so many partners who have joined this campaign to create one mighty voice. 


Our achievements included:


  • 23 mainstream Muslim organisations took part

Islamic councils, umbrella organisations, educational institutes and prominant mosques such as the East London Mosque and GreenLane Mosque

  • More than 120 Imams and Islamic leaders joined the campaign and

were actively raising awareness in their respected communities from across 30 UK cities and even Sweden and Germany came on board.



  • . Prominent  figures across the board such Shaykh Abu Eesa, Shaykh Sulaiman Ghani, Ustadha Fatima Barakatullah along with Ali Dawah, Omar Easa and Dilly Hussain


. At least 5 Media organisations including the top UK Muslim TV stations took part in promoting this campaign.  In Their Shoes advert was aired on Islam Channel, Eman Channel and British Muslim TV .



. The campaign resulted in a National Bayan/Khutbah Day on a Friday addressing  the topic of ” Every Child Has The Right To Both Parents”. The consequences we face as a community and a solution to this problem


.The campaign reached 100,000 people through the Khutba day


And We Can Insha'Allah With Your Help!

Your support means a more impactful awareness week, 

A larger National Khutbah Day, with more khateebs and masaajid,

it means increased partner organisations, wider media coverage and campaign reach, ultimately

it means more awareness, increased referral services across the UK,

truly making the practise of restricting children’s access to a parent during marriage breakdown, toxic.

Your efforts will make an HUGE impact to the community directly
Making a difference is easy in 4 steps

Step 1

Fill in the form and choose a target

Step 2

A fundraising page will be created for you

Step 3

Share your page with friends & family to reach your target

Remember this can be as easy as 10 people donating £50
each to reach a £500 target – Easy right?

Step 4

Smile! You have just made a difference to your community and an investment for your aakhira. May Allah swt accept all your efforts. Insha’Allah 

" Life doesn’t always go according to plan.
Relationships sometimes break down,
but the bond between parents and children is a sacred one. We want to ensure children have meaningful access to both their parents."

In need of more information?

visit for campaign website