Aadil Ali

Aadil is a dedicated project lead at Family Events, driven by a passion for organising impactful experiences for Muslim families. With over a decade of experience in Da'wah, he is well-grounded in understanding the unique dynamics of families and tailoring events to foster a deep love for Islam. By orchestrating engaging activities and providing guidance, Family Events create supportive environments where Muslim families can strengthen their connection to their faith. Through event-organising expertise, they are committed to nurturing a profound Islamic bond within each family member.
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The exemplary family life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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Looking to elevate your family life by going on a special break? Consider a trip to Turkey this year, as organised by Family Retreats International.

How Muslim families can build Jannah while having fun!

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Family Retreats International is gearing up to host its next retreat in Turkey this October; will you be there?