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Son of Mary – Servant of God

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Justice for Jesus | Part III Click here for Part I | Click here for part II The custom of attributing children or partners to Allāh (God) is not new nor are most of the beliefs and claims of disbelievers. It is striking to see how, despite the varying generations of disbelievers having never met, many expressed the same utterance of disbelief in monotheism when addressing their respective Prophets. They either stubbornly wished to continue following the religion of their forefathers, even when its falsehood was apparent to them; insisted the particular Prophet suffered from madness or resorted to extreme threats

Explaining Isa (‘alayhi al-Salam)

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Justice for Jesus | Part II Click here for Part I | Click here for Part III It is undisputed that Īsā (Jesus) has a very special status granted by Allāh (God). Not only is he a Prophet and Messenger but he is one of the five mighty messengers among Nūḥ (Noah) Ibrāhīm (Abraham), Mūsā (Moses) and the final Prophet and Messenger sent to mankind, Muḥammad (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) (ʿalayhim al-Salām). Some of the favours Allāh (God) bestowed upon Īsā (Jesus) are mentioned, highlighting how blessed he was as a special figure without the need of being elevated beyond

Justice for Jesus

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Justice for Jesus | Part I Click here for Part II | Click here for Part III In the context of mainstream religions in the modern day and, in fact, at all times since his birth, the character of the man named Īsā (in Arabic), Īshoa (in Aramaic), Yīshua (in Hebrew) and Jesus (in English) has constantly been hailed as a fundamental figure in forming a view of the correct creed. Controversy has been central to this topic and, for some, there is confusion as to what to believe about him from the most basic and elementary of matters. Was he God?