Yasin Abdullah

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Badr will come again, O Muslims!

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Today is the 17th Ramadān, a day that marks a revolutionary moment in the history of Islām: the Battle of Badr

Glad tidings, O martyrs of Gaza, and woe to us

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Alhamdulillāh! Indeed, Gaza is a blessed land within the blessed region of al-Shām and now, in this most blessed month, it is being raised in rank again as Allāh showers His countless blessings upon it. O people of Gaza, Allāh has taken 100 of you as martyrs in this most blessed month of Ramadān, killed by those who evoked Allāh’s anger! What glad tidings inshā’Allāh. In this blessed month of Ramadān, where we read the Qur’ān by day and hear its recitation in our masājid by night. Let us reflect on the āyah in Sūrah Āli-‘Imrān: And never think of