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Abu Yusuf is a student of knowledge and khatīb from the UAE, studying Electrical engineering at the University of Nottingham and a BA in Sharī'a with EISH.
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The Legacy of Muhammad Iqbal

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‘Allāma Iqbāl in Oldham­ A series on Muḥammad Iqbāl Part 1: On unity and identity In a quiet neighbourhood in Oldham, Greater Manchester, amidst vibrant greenery and rows of quaint houses lies 31 ‘Allama Iqbāl road. Although it may at first seem an anomaly amongst the other more ‘English’ street names around, Iqbāl’s influence, and indeed his mastery over western thought, render his name perfectly at home in Oldham. Iqbāl’s ideas inspired a political revolution, his academic work greatly contributed to the discourse on Islamic thought, but it is mostly his unique and rock-­solid sense of identity that we, as

Ibn Rajab’s secret to Ramadan readiness

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Ibn Rajab al-Ḥanbali’s Lata’if al Ma’arif is a detailed treatise on the merits, virtues and practices for the months of the Islamic calendar. His chapter on Ramaḍān is a masterful compilation of the narrations and āyāt related to preparing for, transforming through, and reflecting on Ramaḍān, alongside commentary that pulls it all together. It includes four sections: Ramaḍān’s distinctive qualities; transforming our relationships with the Qur’ān; the middle ten days, and the last ten days. We will, inshāAllāh, take snippets of the text with short pieces of commentary and a summary at the end. This first part is a readying of the