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Unscripted #14 | Understanding Kashmir with Adnan Rashid

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Join us this week on a special Unscripted podcast with Adnan Rashid.

Proactivity; a figment of the past

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Amongst the most prized characteristic of the Muslim that is both honoured by mention in the Quran and the sunnah is that of proactivity. Yet this beautiful trait has –sadly- become a figment of the past and a rare provision that has largely been replaced with laziness and emotional reactivityThe synonyms of proactivity – المبادرة in English are farsightedness, visionary, etc. Yet we find the equivalent synonyms in Arabic which are used in the Quran and Hadith are: to compete/to race in achieving good deeds. This is more wholesome and more encompassing as the believer should combine elements of both thinking/formulating