Azad Hussain

Azad Hussain studied Accounting & Finance at the University of Greenwich. During his time as a student he engaged with several charity projects and continues to do so. As well as being the director of services for a youth and community project, he is currently working as the Head of Operations for Al Isharah.
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The Muslim minority you never hear about

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Bismillāh Alḥamdulillāh Wassalātu Wassalāmu ʿala rasūlillāh, Wa ʿala ālihi wa saḥbihī wa man wāla With deafness being the second largest disability in the UK, it is surprising that the overwhelming majority of the British public do not understand the concept of a Deaf culture. Honestly speaking, the concept seemed quite alien to me when I was first introduced to the Deaf community. The very thought that there could be people that live alongside you, share the same environment, often same ethnic background, same food, same society, similar upbringing  and yet have a different culture because of a sensory loss (or