Dr Adnan Siddiqui

DR Adnan Rasheed Siddiqui is a GP by profession; Director of CAGE, for 7 years; Director of DATE VALLEY SCHOOL TRUST for 6 years; Director of NORBURY MUSLIM CENTRE for 3 years;
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The War on Terror 13 years on: Mission Accomplished?

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Before the anniversary to the September 11th attacks this week, Dr Adnan Siddiqui asked whether or not the British government's stance on returnees from Syria represents an evolution in thinking from the knee-jerk reaction we saw on that day in America 13 years ago. One can't help feeling a sense of déjà vu as David Cameron prepares the UK for air strikes against IS­­­and tells the public that we should be prepared for a "generational” conflict. Last year he was saying the same thingabout the war against Al-Qaeda, yet now he is talking about an adversary that even Al-Qaeda has