Dr. Anas Altikriti

Dr. Anas Altikriti is the Founder and CEO of The Cordoba Foundation, a think-tank specialising in Muslim world-West relations. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Westminster. Dr. Altikriti is a former Chairman and President of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), and Patron of the Stop the War Coalition. He co-chaired the historic 2-Million March against the Iraq War in London in February 2003 and is a leading figure in the global anti-war movement.
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Will Netanyahu be arrested by the ICC?

1 Min Read

Dr. Salman Butt and Dr. Anas Altikriti share some thoughts after the ICC chief prosecutor sought arrest warrants for Netanyahu.

Israeli seizure of Rafah crossing has inflamed Gaza crisis

15 Min Read

The apartheid state's callousness knows no bounds, as it strikes Rafah while choking its most critical aid route.

Macron shifts position on Western forces in Ukraine

9 Min Read

Emmanuel Macron seems tired of Europe's proxy involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war and intends on direct action.

Israel’s ICJ loss is a big deal

1 Min Read

In this episode of Empowered by Islam21c, Dr. Salman Butt speaks with Dr. Anas Altikriti on today’s ICJ judgment in favour of South Africa.

Is the Arab Spring Dead or Alive? | Unscripted #73

1 Min Read

In this week's Unscripted podcast we are joined by two special guests with a deep understanding of the topic: Jalal Ouerghi, a leader of Tunisia's ruling Ennahda Party; and Anas Altikriti, founder and CEO of the Cordoba Foundation think-tank.

Israel’s annexation: a mistimed crime

7 Min Read

Dr Anas Altikriti says the embattled Israeli regime is a victim of circumstance

Unscripted #34 | Building a better world | Dr. Anas Altikriti

1 Min Read

Join us this week on our Unscripted Podcast #34 with Dr. Anas Altikriti, the CEO and Founder of The Cordoba Foundation.⁣