Dr Mariam Salim

Dr Mariam Salim is a practicing lawyer and freelance translator. She was awarded her MSc and PhD from King’s College London. While she lived in Europe for almost a decade; presently, the base of her legal practice is located in Cairo, Egypt, mainly in the areas of contracts, construction law, arbitration and litigation. Additionally, she teaches law to engineers and construction specialists in association with different professional bodies in Egypt. She started providing translation services in 2005, during her time in London. Her translation work extends to literary texts, medical and legal documents, such as contracts, official documents and laws. She has a number of academic publications in both Arabic and English including her PhD thesis, which was published by springer international in 2016.
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The English Qur’an: Review of a Landmark Conference

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Seven scholars and prominent Qur'an translators came together to speak about their experiences whilst translating the Qur'an, for an evening Dr Mariam Salim will always remember.