Author: Dr. Najmuddin Hasan

Dr. Najmuddin Hasan graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) First Class in Physics, followed by a Dip. Advanced Mathematics and Physics (Cantab), in addition to a PGCE (Cantab) from the University of Cambridge. He later went on to pursue a PhD in Particle Physics from the University of Bristol. Although brought up within a religious household, his mindset was determined by the secular education systems of his schooling which led to a pursuit and devotion to Physics at the highest level at both Bristol and Cambridge Universities. His love for knowledge in all domains resulted in extensive reading of Politics, History and Philosophy. During his university years, he became very active in Islamic Societies, organising activities and lectures, and met many knowledgeable, wise and scholarly brothers who corrected, taught and guided him away from a secular mindset to an Islamic one. He later assisted Professor Abdul Mabud of Cambridge University to write a book refuting the Theory of Evolution from a scientific perspective. Dr. Hasan is a chartered Electrical Engineer within the Power Systems industry. As part of his educating of his own children, he conducts regular Islamic gatherings for the youth, exposing the falsehoods of modern secularist concepts through their own self–contradiction and endeavours to inculcate the mindset of the companions and early believers to aid understanding of the Islamic texts.