Dr Shazad Amin

Dr Shazad Amin is the CEO of MEND and a Consultant Psychiatrist working in the NHS. He qualified from the University of Manchester and undertook his psychiatric training in Nottingham. He has previously been a Director of Medical Education in the NHS and sat on the Greater Manchester Family Justice Board. He was a former trustee of MediConcern, a charity that provided health education and promotion to patients from ethnic minorities. He is also a former Trustee of ChildConcern, who provide education and training for professionals concerned with Childcare Law. He acts as an Expert Witness in Clinical Negligence cases, is a CQC Specialist Advisor and sits as a MPTS tribunal member. He has authored papers on psychosis, mental health and parenting and given lectures on topics such as diagnosing mental illness, depression in the South Asian culture, personality assessment, stigma of mental disorders and giving evidence in Court.
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Islamophobia – the elephant in the room

8 Min Read

Islamophobia Awareness Month #IAM2016 Islamophobia has been described as “a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.” Really? Women are having their hijabs pulled off as they go about their everyday business. Muslims are targeted with the liberal use of the P-word and the F-word and helpful advice on how to return to “your own country”. They experience beatings, kicks and, in one tragic case, murder. This is the true shameful face of Islamophobia in Britain today, and I question who the fascists, cowards and morons really are in this sad state of affairs. All these

The London Mayoral Elections

10 Min Read

It is easy to forget with the domination of the EU referendum in current political debate that there are a number of elections that will take place in May, ahead of the plebiscite in June, which are no less important or interesting. It is perhaps something readers here would much rather forget given the disparaging manner in which these topics have been broached but race and religion have loomed large in recent weeks in the London mayoral and EU referendum campaigns. Click HERE to watch the recording of our exclusive webinar. It is a matter of disgrace that while politicians are vocal and