Dr. Salman Butt

Dr. Butt studied Biochemistry at Imperial College London, followed by a PhD in Chemical Biology, carrying out research into photosynthesis. During his years at university, he became involved in Islamic society da'wah and activism, and general Muslim community projects. At present, he is the Head of Islamic Thought and a regular contributor at Islam21c, and also has a blog on HuffPost. You may find him on social media.
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Israel taken to World Court over landmark genocide case

7 Min Read

South Africa’s landmark genocide case against Israel is heard today at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Uyghurs say, “Palestine is our cause”

10 Min Read

At the launch of the UK East Turkistan Society, we were reminded of the special bond shared by Palestinians and Uyghurs.

Hindu fascist apprehended over anti-Muslim riots

6 Min Read

Monu Manesar, alleged to be the chief instigator of deadly anti-Muslim riots in Haryana state, has been arrested.

Dhul Hijjah 1444 | 2023 Announcement

3 Min Read

Islam21c is excited to announce the start of Dhul Hijjah 1444 / 2023 and to share our transformational content for this special period!

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad says it’s WAJIB to support Erdogan

1 Min Read

In this video, we find out why the world's Islamic scholars are supporting Erdoğan, as Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad argues that it is obligatory for us to support him.

Should We Swear Allegiance to King Charles III?

1 Min Read

Should Muslims swear allegiance to the King? With the coronation of King Charles this weekend, many Muslims have been asking - and debating - about the permissibility of taking part in ceremonies and oaths of allegiance to the King and Head of the Church of England. Shaykh Haitham writes about how British Muslims should view this national event whilst staying confident and proud of Islam, comfortable in their Britishness and keeping with a vision for the  wider Ummah and humanity at large. Read the detailed article here.

Suella, don’t blame ‘political correctness’ for YOUR failures

14 Min Read

The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, claims that grooming gangs are “almost all British Pakistani”; Dr. Salman Butt issues a strong rebuke.

Do Muslims know about Pakistan’s Islamic awakening?

6 Min Read

Dr. Salman Butt, Chief Editor at Islam21c, shares some of his thoughts as he travels through the Islamic powerhouse that is Pakistan.

Idrissa Gueye – European Football Wants Black & Brown Bodies With White Cultural Norms & Beliefs

8 Min Read

We want your superior speed, strength and discipline, but you must adopt our beliefs and cultural norms—which we inherited by complete historical accident, by the way. 

Western outrage over Afghan women’s dress code despite them starving to death due to US sanctions

1 Min Read

Afghanistan’s Ministry for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue issued a decree described as “advice” to women in public to wear the traditional Afghan face-veil. Dr Salman Butt accuses the majority of the mainstream coverage of a racist bias. https://youtu.be/E8ShtP5Y0-E Also read Comment The Playboy HijabReem Ahmed26/09/2016 Current Affairs “Burkini” – A Look at Modernity’s Domination and ControlʿAbd Allāh Nūr al-Dīn18/09/2016 Asia Sh Haitham: “Non-Muslims Are Being Radicalised”Shaykh (Dr) Haitham Al-Haddad28/01/2016 Featured If only you knew your true worthSana Mahmood21/10/2020 Current Affairs Response to the St Stephen’s Primary School Fasting & Hijab BanUstadh Abu Haneefah Sohail17/01/2018 Current Affairs Amanda