Edward Rowe

Edward is a writer with an interest in Turkey and its neighbours. He has written on Turkey, Azerbaijan, the Caucasus, and the Balkans, on topics such as Islamic heritage, history, politics, and culture, among others. He has written in such publications as the Caspian Post, Daily Sabah, and T-VINE Magazine. Edward also holds an MA in Turkish Studies from SOAS, University of London, and a BA in History and Study of Religions from the same institution. You may find him on Twitter.
2 Articles

When Albanian Muslims rescued Europe’s Jews in the Holocaust

10 Min Read

In marking 80 years since Albanian Muslims risked all to save Jewish lives in the depths of the Holocaust, Edward Rowe speaks about the unsung heroes.

How Turkey is supporting peace in the South Caucasus

12 Min Read

Will Turkey bring the South Caucasus lasting peace and prosperity through diplomacy and pragmatism between Azerbaijan and Armenia?