Imam Fadlur Rahman

Imam Fadlur Rahman currently works as an Imam in the Northwich Muslim Cultural Centre and is pursuing a BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has been studying the Islamic sciences for nearly a decade under the supervision of Islamic experts.
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Gaza after 200 days of relentless assault

9 Min Read

After more than 200 days, Israel continues to bombard Gaza, but we won't stop highlighting the situation.

Insufficient aid deepening crisis in Gaza

6 Min Read

Israel is still deliberately preventing the passage of water, flour, and sugar as they begin to trickle into Gaza.

Vladimir Putin claims fifth presidential term

11 Min Read

Russian war criminal has handed himself another six years in power; how we view this news as Muslims is important.

Senators call upon Biden to expand Gaza aid

8 Min Read

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are among those urging Biden to make Israel military support conditional on aid access.

Sudan war sparks world’s biggest hunger crisis

11 Min Read

In light of the Gaza genocide, we may have lost sight of the crisis in Sudan, but we must stay informed on both.

US-UK strike Houthi targets in Yemen

7 Min Read

Red Sea shipping routes are key for much of the world, but they are not more valuable than Palestinian lives.

World condemnation grows over Israeli Rafah offensive

8 Min Read

International leaders are now uniting in urgent calls for a ceasefire, owing to potential ethnic cleansing in Rafah.