Hedieh Ansari-Shirazi

Hedieh is a student of knowledge. She holds an MA in Management and Spanish from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Previously, Hedieh spent nine years in the UAE, where — by the grace of Allah — she studied the Qur’ān and Islamic Studies. She finds the journey of seeking knowledge to be a profoundly beautiful and enriching experience; she is a firm believer in one's heart feeling truly alive when one is learning about Allah (subḥānahu wa ta'āla) and His perfect kalām. Hedieh asserts that there is no greater pleasure than the pursuit of Islamic knowledge in this worldly life.
3 Articles

Where is the Qur’ān in your life?

9 Min Read

How is your relationship with the Qur'ān? Distant, close, or perhaps non-existent? Take the time to strengthen your bond with the Book of Allah!

On the Road to Makkah

11 Min Read

There are numerous benefits to preparing for Hajj; for this reason, we should really live with this mindset in our daily lives.

Live Each Day as if You’re Preparing for Hajj

15 Min Read

As Muslims, we ought to live in this temporary world by remembering that we are travellers on a greater journey to the final destination.