K. S. Malik

K. S. Malik, an enthusiastic and pioneering author of children's and young adult literature, is dedicated to connecting young Muslims with their cultural heritage and history through storytelling. As an avid reader, he has acquired a vast knowledge that he aims to pass down to younger generations by recounting the stories of Muslims from the past. His debut book, Poems of the Prophets, was published in 2023, quickly captivating hearts and providing children with a glimpse into the vibrant narratives of the Islamic tradition. To date, K. S. Malik has authored three books, with a further five novels for Muslim teenagers in progress. You may find him on social media or on his website. His books are available on Amazon worldwide.
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From Dusk to Dawn: Reviving the Intellectual Flames of Muslims

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Through a literary revival, let's reignite the flame of intellectual curiosity and instil these values in the young minds of tomorrow.