Mariya bint Rehan

Mariya is a writer and illustrator from London, with a background in Policy and Research and Development in the voluntary sector. She has written and illustrated a children’s book titled The Best Dua which is available internationally. Mariya can be found on social networks below.
4 Articles

Knowing your purpose

17 Min Read

To know one's purpose is perhaps the most powerful tool in living a successful life, argues Mariya bint Rehan.

No-Strings-Attached Nikah, Mincel, Red Pill: The Case for Islamic RSE

38 Min Read

Increasingly younger Muslim men are being swept up in an internet storm of misogyny. What does this miseducation tell us about British Muslim culture and what can we learn from it? The compelling case for Islamic Relationship Education which centres our relationship with Allah.

A Love Letter to Islamic Children’s Books

17 Min Read

"These characters and lands and stories have contributed to my children’s understanding of Islam and how it fits into the world they occupy."

Inverse Dogma

15 Min Read

A unique malaise appears to be taking over Muslim twitter; an acceptable form of prejudice against more orthodox factions of the Muslim community...