Hamdija Begovic

Hamdija is a Bosnian-Swedish PhD student in Sociology, based in Stockholm. He is interested in the deconstruction of modernity, along with the advancement of Ummatic thinking, as these are two fields of study that go hand in hand.
3 Articles

Lessons for the Ummah as we bid farewell to Dhul Hijjah

4 Min Read

As another Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, and Dhul Hijjah pass us by, it is essential that we stay firm on our civilisational work as Muslims.

Why Modern Atheists Are Mushriks

33 Min Read

After coining "Farangism Studies" to unmask western modernity in his first article, Mirza Safwat is back with a closer look at the polytheistic, pagan roots of popular western atheism.

Unmasking Western Modernity: Farangism Studies

32 Min Read

“It isn’t atheism per se that the apostate Muslim is embracing,” writes sociologist Mirza Safwat. “It isn’t an intellectual matter but a civilizational one; it needs to be understood not philosophically but sociologically…”