Mohammed Hibbān

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My Friend’s Mother Passed Away on His Wedding Day, and It Moved Us All

9 Min Read

I was FaceTiming my own mother during the wedding of our brother, Ali. Whenever I feel happy and she is not a part of the occasion, I always want to involve her so she can share the moment of joy. At the wedding, while we made the usual du’ās for barakah in the marriage and between the two families, during that special hour of Friday we all made specific du’ā for Ali’s mother, who was in hospital. She insisted that the wedding go ahead with her joining over the internet. Upon returning home from the walīmah, my mother welcomed a close

Six Keys to Unlocking the Night of Decree

10 Min Read

How can you make the most out of the remaining days of Ramadān?

Five Benefits of Completing the Qur’ān in Different Modes

17 Min Read

This year, The Online Masjid, a new Islam21c project, is intending to complete the recital of the entire Qur’ān in collaboration with Imām Jazarī Institute in a way rarely seen before. Each Juz will be recited in the several different modes of recitation, most of which many of us have never even heard before...

Finding Your Human Potential

13 Min Read

Everyone reading this right now is alive, but how many of us are truly living?