Mohammed Ibrahim al-Shafi'i

Moḥammed Ibrāhīm al-Shafiʻi (Reece Byfield) is a public speaker, who has delivered various talks as well as participated in FOSIS tours around the U.K. He is currently in the third year of an ʻAlimmiya (Islamic scholarship program) studying under Shaykh Akram Nadwi at al-Salam Institute, as well as having studied with post-graduates from Madina and al-Azhar universities. He is also a philosophy student.
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Reverts in Ramadān

9 Min Read

Ramaḍān can be a lonely time for Muslim converts. Do you know any?

Convert Islamophobia

18 Min Read

How then do we understand the experience of a convert; a person born upon the culture of a people, once a friend and loved, but now an object of discrimination...

“I won’t be eating Qurbani meat this year, will you?”

7 Min Read

  Sacrifice is an offering whereby that which is offered is given to your Lord while you are in total submission and obedience. With that said what does giving a sacrifice mean to you? The greatest illustration of sacrifice is in Ibrāhīm (ʿalayhi al-Salām) from whom the Islamic tradition of Qurbani descends. Ibrāhīm saw a dream. Rushing to his son, he said “My son, I know I have seen in a dream, that I must sacrifice you. My Son what do you think." He accepted testifying, "Father, do as you are commanded. You will find me, if Allāh wills, of

Five Rules For Beating Procrastination

10 Min Read

Procrastination is the result of a “domino effect”. Imagine you wish to build a house. However, you constantly wonder what colour curtains you’ll place over the windows. You start debating with yourself about every prospective problem and every prospective failure: “Will my spouse like my choice of curtains?”, for example. But, we first need to take a step back. You have not truly envisioned the simple steps required to achieve your goal. You have not even applied for planning permission yet and you are concerning yourself with the curtains. At this rate, you will never build your house. Procrastination is