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My response to the government’s so-called “integration” green paper consultation

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Deadline to respond: tonight 11:45pm

Why I am voting AGAINST BREXIT

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This article is part of our EU Referendum debate series, click here to read more. Articles to Remain in the EU: Why I am voting AGAINST BREXIT The Muslim vote on the Referendum must be to REMAIN Articles to Leave the EU: Why I am voting for BREXIT The Muslim Brexit – No Justice No Peace It is clear with the forthcoming Referendum on Britain’s Membership in the European Union (EU) that many Muslims are not really making an informed decision on whether to Vote Leave or Remain. When asked about the reasons for their decisions, it is clear many are

Who should I vote for?

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Who should I vote for? Muhammad Ibrahim provides some useful online research strategies to help readers to make the most informed decision for who to vote for in their constituency. Due to impartiality and Electoral Commission regulations, specific candidates and constituencies are not mentioned, but are anonymously used as very useful case studies. The next logical question facing Muslims after they have understood the importance of voting is the question: “Who should I vote for?” Many Muslims still have not decided who to vote for at this late stage – or may not have put much thought into this process.