Nusaybah Naeem

Nusaybah Naeem holds a Master's degree in Literature and Culture from the University of Birmingham. She is currently working in Mental Health and is actively involved with Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham.
4 Articles

Fasting: A Gift of Sabr

14 Min Read

In a world fuelled by instant gratification, upholding the quality of patience in wait of a later reward can feel impossible, and to some, pointless. Why wait until later when you can feel, taste, and experience it now?

This Dhul Hijjah is Special

10 Min Read

This year, Ramadan came at the perfect time during a time of collective difficulty. Now, a couple of months later, as life is slowly starting to move in a new direction, we prepare to welcome the blessed month of Dhul Hijjah.

Maryam: A Woman of Miracles

12 Min Read

As we near the end of what has been a challenging year, we must remember the quiet courage of Maryam and her consistent trust in Allāh’s plan for her. In trusting Him, there is always a path of ease and blessings to be found.

Five Keys to Mental Health

16 Min Read

Step away from the noise and reflect on these five keys to good mental health