Saadia Hamayun

Saadia Humayun is pursuing Biomedical Engineering. She currently works as a Motion Graphic Artist for LiveDeen and Azan, two non-profit Da'wah organisations in Pakistan that conduct Islamic workshops and conferences inviting scholars from abroad. She also volunteers at AlKauthar Institute and blogs in her spare time at
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Entertaining Ourselves to Death

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How your daily entertainment can affect your spirituality More often than not, you will find yourself mindlessly surfing through channels to fill up the free slots in your routine; or maybe to fill up the emptiness inside. For some, the best way to unwind is with a favourite show and a jar of cookies. And so it begins—the cycle of amusing yourself to death, episode after episode of that great TV series. What started as a short-lived way to pass time one fine morning becomes an everyday marathon. And it is not just one drama you get hooked to; it