Shaheer Choudhury

As Head of Editorial at Islam21c, Shaheer is a regular contributor who has an unwavering passion and commitment for staying on the pulse in regards to global geopolitical and general current affairs, whilst paying close attention to the changing world conditions of Muslim populations. Prior to joining Islam21c, he developed a number of years' experience in the health and social care sector, and previously worked as a caseworker at HHUGS. He has also volunteered at the Muslim Youth Helpline. Shaheer holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Kingston University.
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Police urge organisers to delay pro-Palestine march

8 Min Read

The Metropolitan Police has asked for a Palestine march to be cancelled, while it considers banning the demonstration.

Zionist Starmer claims Gaza ceasefire will cause more death

8 Min Read

Keir Starmer is facing yet another backlash after refusing to call for a ceasefire, as Israel continues to attack Gaza.

Muslim charities need to be vocal on Palestine

8 Min Read

An open letter by Human Aid & Advocacy is calling on British Muslim charities to raise their voices on Palestine.

Condolences upon the passing of Dr. V. Abdur Rahim

5 Min Read

Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim, the author of the "Madinah books", has passed away at the age of 90; may Allah have mercy upon him.

Dr. Ali Muhammad al-Sallabi writes to US and allies on Gaza genocide

5 Min Read

Shaykh Dr. Ali Muhammad al-Sallabi has penned an open letter to the US and its allies in regards to the Israeli genocide of Palestine.

Uyghur academic sentenced to life in Chinese custody

6 Min Read

Professor Rahile Dawut's unjust imprisonment exposes China's abuse of the Uyghur people once again.

Imams across the world defend al-Aqsa from the pulpit

5 Min Read

From minarets to city centres, imams worldwide are joining in a harmonious chorus to peacefully advocate for al-Aqsa.

Israel using white phosphorus and vacuum bombs in Gaza?

8 Min Read

In repeat of Gaza Massacre 14 years earlier, Israel is reportedly using white phosphorus in heavily populated civilian areas.

Egyptian tyrant Sisi nominates himself in electoral farce

7 Min Read

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will "contest" a third presidential term in December, despite victory being a foregone conclusion.

Suspects quizzed over abhorrent destruction of historic tree

6 Min Read

The iconic Sycamore Gap Tree situated near Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland has been criminally felled.