Shaqib Juneja

Shaqib is the General Manager at the Islamic Council. He previously worked as the Head of Operations at My Family Group — an umbrella organisation that includes such entities as the Muslim Foster Network, Muslim Youth Link, Arise Refugees, My Adoption Family, and My Foster Family. He has also worked as an Education Safeguarding Officer at a local authority. Shaqib spent 16 years in the education sector, moving up from a teacher of humanities to an assistant principal, before moving into the children’s social care sector; he is a champion for children in care and a strong advocate for family. He holds a bachelor's degree in Geography from the University of London, in addition to a PGCE and Master's degree in Learning and Teaching from the University of Oxford.
3 Articles

The case of the missing child asylum seekers

15 Min Read

The government is blamed for unprecedented security breaches that have led to 200+ child asylum seekers going missing.

200+ child refugees missing in huge Home Office scandal

5 Min Read

Over 200 asylum-seeking children remain missing after vanishing from Home Office accommodation. Where is the outcry?

Dear Muslims in England, It Is Time for You to Adopt

21 Min Read

This is not a call for charitable donations, this is a call for you to do one thing. An act that will change you and raise the rank of your home and family.