Shaykh Dr. Ali Ahmed

Shaykh Dr. Ali Ahmed is a senior adjudicator at the Islamic Council; he has been active in the Muslim community since 2000. After receiving his B.Sc. in Biochemistry, he began travelling to various parts of the world to further his Islamic knowledge in and better serve and help the Muslims in the West. After studying for more than a decade, he obtained his Ph.D in Islamic Judiciary, with a special focus on Arbitration and Mediation in Muslim Family Law in the UK. Shaykh Dr. Ali Ahmed has authored several academic papers relating to Fatwa, Muslim Family Law, and the Islamic Judiciary system and its effects on Muslims living in the West as minorities.

Advice for families on washing, shrouding, funeral, and burial

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Advice to kin of one approaching their last breath

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This is why Allah delays victory

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Advice to those who are nearing death

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Khutbah on the Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

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Following the Turkey-Syria earthquakes, Shaykh Dr. Sajid Umar and Shaykh Dr. Ali Ahmed share a khutbah (sermon) for use in Friday prayers.