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Cooperative Competition

7 Min Read

At one point in your life you have probably been part of or used the services of an ‘Islamic Organisation’. By this I mean, a mosque, madrasah, Muslim school, youth club, ISOC, professional organisation, da‘wah organisation or a charity. And you’ve probably heard or done your fair bit of complaining about any one of the above. Something that may have irked and puzzled you at times is the rivalry that exists between different organisations that seem to be working for the same cause. Sometimes it can extend to downright insults and attacks and at other times it is much more

Being Deaf and Muslim

5 Min Read

A deaf brother walks into the Mosque and begins his ablutions incorrectly. A few elderly men mock his mistakes. Fortunately, a brother who is able to sign is present, and helps the deaf brother perform his wudhu correctly. Recalling the above incident, Sarah* says, “For me, that was disgusting. These were adult mosque elders violating the Prophetic example in the mosque itself by mocking someone instead of teaching or helping them.” Sarah has been working with the deaf community for the last ten years. Previously, whilst working for a mainstream deaf organisation, she realised that over 95% of its users

The Green Deen

5 Min Read

In the last couple of years, the decades old ‘environment’ debate has continued apace, in spite of the credit crunch, with political parties in the UK vying to have the ‘greenest’ manifestos and countries repeatedly gathering on global platforms to discuss legally enforceable ways of curbing emissions. It is easy to view this state of affairs cynically, given many developed countries continue to perpetuate injustices through unfair trade policies, and many transnational corporations continue to plunder the world’s natural resources through unsustainable production methods. What are Muslim’s to make of all of this? In our interconnected world, each one of

Learning In Action

4 Min Read

The benefit of acquiring a good education is something children clearly stand to gain the most from. Given that 34% of British Muslims are aged under sixteen, as compared to 20% as a national average, (2001 census), it is perhaps understandable that Muslims are particularly anxious in ensuring children gain the most from school especially given the importance Islam places on acquiring knowledge. It is therefore sad to note British Muslim children fare the worst out of all faith groups in terms of educational achievement, with only 15% of Muslims being educated to a degree standard or higher (the lowest

Moneywise Kids

6 Min Read

As consumers we are surrounded, practically all the time, by adverts and consumerism. The internet, TV screen, mobile phone and bill board are all constantly telling us materialism is a core part of being happy and successful. Maintaining a healthy and spiritual balance in the face of this onslaught is understandably quite a challenge for any adult, let alone a child. To help parents facing this all too common dilemma, here is a list of top ten tips: 1. Inspire in kids a holistic faith-based view of money. Islam teaches us to earn an honest halal living, yet at the

Living on Borrowed Time

5 Min Read

"The time I kill is killing me." – Mason Cooley You may have heard the term ‘time management’ before and dismissed it as being one of the many newly concocted phrases of the self-help industry. However, it refers to using the time one has in the most effective manner and, although not always labeled as that, this single trait has often been cited by many as one of the key success factors of all productive human beings, alive or dead, be it in the material or spiritual sense. Time is life and, once lost, can never be retrieved. The value of