Dr. Stef Keris

Dr. Stef Keris is a lecturer, historian, presenter, author, and travel fanatic who is well known for his many books, documentaries, and shows on international media that are geared towards strengthening the Muslim identity, both in the West and further afield. Born in Athens in 1972, Dr. Keris attended school and university in Germany. After accepting Islam in 1992, he began to learn Arabic and has continued to study and teach the Islamic faith and its history.
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In supporting Israel, Germany still hasn’t learnt its lesson

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By defending Israel's actions against Gaza, has Germany not learnt anything from its appalling historic role against the Jewish people?

History teachers are lying to children | Unscripted #74

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On this week’s Unscripted we’re joined by a pair of history communicators, Dr Stef Keris and Abu Zakariya.