Subboor Ahmad

Subboor is a public speaker, debater and writer. He focuses on engaging with New Atheism and has also traveled extensively across the globe teaching Muslims how to articulate Islam to non-Muslims. He specialises in the philosophy of science with a focus on Darwin's theory of evolution. He has debated many prominent atheists over the years, including professors, atheist activists and internet personalities, on the topics of science, God's existence and Darwinism. He is currently a PhD candidate specialising in the philosophy of biology.
4 Articles

#Stand4Ughurs live stream: your questions answered

1 Min Read

Dr Salman Butt, Subboor Ahmad and Arslan Hidayat discuss your questions and comments surrounding the special demonstration of solidarity to launch the Stand4Uyghurs campaign on 1st July 2021.

Evolution Lends No Weight To Atheism

18 Min Read

Philosopher of science Hugh Gauch explains, "the idea that science supports atheism is to get high marks for enthusiasm but low marks for logic.”

Darwin’s biggest critics are evolutionary biologists

32 Min Read

Far from popular belief, the biggest critics of Darwin's theory of evolution are in fact other evolutionary biologists, writes Subboor Ahmad

Qur’an vs Science – whose side are you on?

24 Min Read

In this new series, Darwinian Delusions, Subboor Ahmad and Dr Salman Butt probe the intellectual foundations of science to clear some common misconceptions used by atheists.