Tahir Alam

Tahir Alam is former school governor and chair of Park View Educational Trust. He has been working to help improve schools in underprivileged areas for twenty years. He was at the core of the infamous Trojan Hoax scandal and has been vilified and banned by the Department for Education from working in education as a result.
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Your chance to help Trojan Hoax victim fight back

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A landmark legal challenge is currently being fought by the first person to be affected by the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014. Tahir Alam is the first person to have been “banned from having any involvement with schools” by the Department for Education, following the infamous “Trojan Hoax” scandal. Perhaps the most worrying aspect of his treatment – showing the importance of this test case – is that he was banned under the extremely ambiguous and contested pretext of “extremism” and undermining “Fundamental British Values”. Whilst it is ostensibly Muslims that are bearing the brunt of these arbitrary restrictions