Tanya Abbasi

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Prophetic Parenting

6 Min Read

Striking the right balance is always easier said than done. Unfortunately, with parenting the results of belonging to either extreme can be disastrous to a child. Being too suffocating can cause a child to suffer from low self-esteem or become rebellious at an older age, yetapathy with regards to a child’s life can lead to them looking in the wrong places or at the wrong people for attention and affection. Children need a role model: someone to look up to, to seek guidance from, to be there to support them through difficulties and to share their successes and who should

Hoping to Be Happy? Become Healthy

6 Min Read

One thing which seriously needs addressing in our communities, aside from our seemingly inherent inability to arrive in time for anything, is the attention we fail to pay to the second greatest gift bestowed upon us by our Creator, namely, our health. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Ask Allah for forgiveness and health, for after being granted certainty, one is given nothing better than health.”1 Yet statistics show that ethnic minorities, in particular South-east Asian men and women, have shockingly higher rates of angina, heart attacks and strokes than the overall general population. Diabetes is also a big issue,