Ustadh Faizaan Mahmood

Ustadh Faizaan is a regular contributor at Islam21c. He is also the founder of Abqa Institute, which provides on-site and online Islamic education across the globe. Ustadh Faizaan is currently pursuing a BA in Islamic Sciences at al-Azhar University, and has worked as an Imam at Northwich Muslim Centre. He has been studying the Islamic Sciences under the supervision of scholars for over nine years, and regularly delivers sermons and lectures at different mosques in the UK.
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Student sit-ins spread in US and UK over Gaza genocide

6 Min Read

Peaceful protests in support of Palestine have been met by violence; this is a microcosm of the situation in Gaza.

Gaza after 200 days of relentless assault

9 Min Read

After more than 200 days, Israel continues to bombard Gaza, but we won't stop highlighting the situation.

Erdoğan stresses Palestinian unity as genocide continues

6 Min Read

Turkey and Egypt appear to be engaged in efforts to attain regional stability after a trilateral meeting in Istanbul.

Iran’s strike on Israel raises tensions in Middle East

10 Min Read

Might this ongoing situation between Iran and Israel be a sideshow from the abhorrent Israeli attacks against Gaza?

Insufficient aid deepening crisis in Gaza

6 Min Read

Israel is still deliberately preventing the passage of water, flour, and sugar as they begin to trickle into Gaza.

Biden upset with Israel over Gaza aid worker deaths

8 Min Read

US President saves harshest criticism of Zionist aggression against Gaza for tragic deaths of seven, while 33,137 have already gone.

First Erdoğan loss in 21 years as Turkey opposition wins

8 Min Read

In Istanbul, the anti-Syrian, anti-Palestinian Ekrem İmamoğlu retained mayoralty with almost a million more votes.

Macron shifts position on Western forces in Ukraine

9 Min Read

Emmanuel Macron seems tired of Europe's proxy involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war and intends on direct action.

Calls for Gaza ceasefire continue to fall on deaf ears

9 Min Read

As the top US diplomat says entire Gaza population in need of aid, will the international community show some backbone?

Vladimir Putin claims fifth presidential term

11 Min Read

Russian war criminal has handed himself another six years in power; how we view this news as Muslims is important.