Zarrar Butt

Zarrar studied English Literature at Brunel University in London, UK before commencing a professional career in Cloud Computing. In his work, he has provided business and technology consultation to businesses that range from emerging startups, to some of the largest corporations in the world. Zarrar is currently studying the foundational Islamic sciences with Sabeel.
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Iblis is not an equal to Allah

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As Muslims, we know that Iblīs (Satan) is not equal to Allah in power, authority or might. By the very definition of Allāh’s name, Allāh is not comparable to anything; there is none like Him. Allāh is the Greatest; a definitive statement which is affirmed – absent of any need or validation – by believers around the world through the prescribed daily prayers. It is an act that encompasses the clock as well as the globe. Sometimes, though, we forget the simple Truth that Allāh is far greater than our biggest open enemy, Iblīs. This article was written with the