Zishan Khan

Zishan is the Managing Director at Islam21c. Formerly the Technology Manager at the organisation, he has an extensive background in the IT sector, having completed a degree in Computer Science at the University of Manchester. Zishan later pursued a BA-level Higher Licence in Islamic Law at the European Institute of Human Sciences. He has subsequently authored dissertations, essays, and articles in Arabic and English, that pertain to various Islamic Sciences, specialising in the nature of faith and action. He occasionally delivers talks and sermons at the Northwich Muslim Cultural Centre.
301 Articles

CAGE staff arrested after upsetting Sunak and Braverman

10 Min Read

Six members of CAGE International staff, the "Coconut Six", were needlessly detained and released overnight.

Israel using AI and bots to twist narratives

7 Min Read

The Zionist state is utilising artificial intelligence against innocent people, both in Gaza and around the world.

Top footballers to play in support of Gaza’s children

6 Min Read

Led by Nujum Sports, celebrated faces will take part in a special game to raise awareness of the plight of Gaza's girls and boys.

Government shuts Civil Service Muslim Network

14 Min Read

The Deputy Prime Minister's inflammatory move to suspend the Civil Service Muslim Network during Ramadan is condemned.

Islam21c-Mercy to Humanity partnership announcement

4 Min Read

We are pleased to share the news of our partnership with Mercy to Humanity and the mutual benefits we expect to reap.

Londoners discover Qur’ān in iERA billboard campaign

5 Min Read

The two-week iERA initiative took place amid tense conditions for Muslims, in Palestine and increasingly so in the UK.

Is George Galloway’s win start of a sea change in UK politics?

11 Min Read

George Galloway's Rochdale win shows that political parties can no longer ignore serious issues such as Gaza.

Nujum Sports scores big as Goals to open prayer rooms

7 Min Read

The news means that all Goals Football sites in England and Scotland will be kitted out with prayer areas.

Condolences to Wael al-Dahdouh on his mother’s passing

5 Min Read

May Allah have mercy upon the beloved mother of Al Jazeera's brave bureau chief in Gaza City, Wael al-Dahdouh.

How you can help Gaza through its crisis right now

6 Min Read

It is essential to bridge the gap between scepticism and the profound impact of committed humanitarian work.