Zishan Khan

Zishan is the Managing Director at Islam21c. Formerly the Technology Manager at the organisation, he has an extensive background in the IT sector, having completed a degree in Computer Science at the University of Manchester. Zishan later pursued a BA-level Higher Licence in Islamic Law at the European Institute of Human Sciences. He has subsequently authored dissertations, essays, and articles in Arabic and English, that pertain to various Islamic Sciences, specialising in the nature of faith and action. He occasionally delivers talks and sermons at the Northwich Muslim Cultural Centre.
32 Articles

Condolences to Wael al-Dahdouh on his mother’s passing

5 Min Read

May Allah have mercy upon the beloved mother of Al Jazeera's brave bureau chief in Gaza City, Wael al-Dahdouh.

How you can help Gaza through its crisis right now

6 Min Read

It is essential to bridge the gap between scepticism and the profound impact of committed humanitarian work.

Israel dealt blow as ICJ progresses genocide case

6 Min Read

Is the interim measure a step toward justice or a missed opportunity to have demanded an end to bloodshed?

Muslim leaders slam UK government for Hizb ut-Tahrir ban

12 Min Read

The ban has sparked a heated debate on the consistency and ethics of the UK's foreign policy decisions.

Turning criticism into growth and success

4 Min Read

Criticism can be a powerful driver of growth; Zishan Khan looks at its significance through an Islamic viewpoint.

A duty to confront injustice as silence is betrayal

6 Min Read

In a time when "cancel culture" worries many of us, we cannot shy away from the duty to speak out against tyranny.

Islamic imperative of truth in an age of bias

5 Min Read

By outlining the Islamic mandate for principled journalism, we must call for truth despite being in a distortion chamber.

Imams across the world defend al-Aqsa from the pulpit

5 Min Read

From minarets to city centres, imams worldwide are joining in a harmonious chorus to peacefully advocate for al-Aqsa.

Israel using white phosphorus and vacuum bombs in Gaza?

8 Min Read

In repeat of Gaza Massacre 14 years earlier, Israel is reportedly using white phosphorus in heavily populated civilian areas.

Israel declares war on Gaza: a call for Muslim unity and action

4 Min Read

Following Israel's declaration of war on Gaza, we call for unity and action throughout the Muslim world.