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The Playboy Hijab




noun: playboy; plural noun: playboys

A wealthy man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who behaves irresponsibly or is sexually promiscuous.

Playboy Magazine:

Founded by Hugh Hefner, Chicago 1953. Known primarily for its centerfolds of nude and semi nude models. First issue featured actress Marilyn Monroe as centerfold icon. Also publishes short stories, full-page colour cartoons, and interviews of significant figures.




noun: hijab; plural noun: hijabs

A cloth covering the head and extended over the chest – worn in the presence of males outside a Muslim woman’s immediate family.  Often worn as a symbol of modesty, the Hijab has been outlined in Islamic scripture and its command is seen as compulsory.


A way of life in which one submits himself entirely to God. A monotheistic faith, with the Qur’an as its centre point – requiring adherence to Islamic values and principles to the best of ones ability.

Now, mix it all up. Difficult, isn’t it?

On September 24th 2016, it was reported that the up and coming Noor Tagouri was to be featured in the ‘Renegades’ issue of the Playboy magazine, proudly supporting her hijab. Tagouri, an American journalist, tweeted that it was an ‘honour’ to be featured in the October 2016 edition – and no doubt, her honour sent social media into a frenzy.

Some are in strong support of Tagouri’s decision to feature in the magazine and believe it to be empowering, whilst others remain highly critical and focus on the nature of the magazine itself. A description of which can be found above. So why is it such a big deal?

To put it simply, the two just do not go together. One need only look at what the Hijab stands for and what Playboy stands for, and come to the realisation that you simply cannot unite the two. The Hijab stands as a symbol of the Islamic Faith, and a woman who chooses to wear it becomes one of the starkest representations of Islam. But this conversation does not simply revolve around the Hijab and its significance. No, it is unfortunately indicative of much deeper issues festering in young Muslims today: the need for acceptance and validation, the freedom fallacy, and the rampant secularisation of religion.

Acceptance, Validation, and the Freedom Fallacy

One Facebook user argued that Noor’s feature in the magazine was a result of the marginalisation of Muslims today who have resorted to taking any steps necessary in order to be accepted in society and to be perceived as ‘normal’; even if that means being featured in a magazine that has thrived off the objectification of women. 

Web Developer based in London, Tuqire Hussain’s initial thoughts on the feature echoed the cries of many Muslim women who are well aware of the implications of Tagouri’s actions:

 ‘…I mean this magazine solely exists for young men to sexually objectify women right? She’s only featured here as an exotic fetish for these men and nothing more. Any talk of women empowerment, to me, is juvenile.’

It has also been argued that the support for Noor’s choice is reflective of how many Muslims nowadays ‘tend to be much more accepting of patriarchal and misogynistic practices amongst non-Muslims than Muslims’. And had this been ‘a seedy Arabic or Urdu language magazine, this conversation wouldn’t exist. And she definitely wouldn’t feature in it.’

So here we are, faced with a desperate cry for validation and an underlying current that reinforces the notion of fashionable activism and Hijabi Heroines. The Hijab is being used in order to gain a following, rake in the rankings and to gain publicity – but at a dire cost. By featuring in Playboy, will Noor’s ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’ in wearing Hijab finally be validated? And will that validation come at the cost of reformation?

Facebook user Zainab Chami felt the effects of this feature and intelligibly expressed her views,

‘No one should dehumanize anyone else. So countering dehumanization through questionable means is only hurting us.

If we are so desperate to be humanized by the dominant culture, let us consider what being featured in a publication like Playboy will really communicate.’

Perhaps by engaging, us Muslims will no longer be seen as a threat. Maybe by featuring in suggestive publications, we will finally be humanised. Maybe, if we violate our core values, we will be seen as easy-going and tolerant. Because that is what it is all about, right? Acceptance. That we can fit in to a secular and open-minded society. That the cloth on our heads is something we wear because we choose to – no other reason really. We are only inwardly submissive to God. Do not worry, outwardly, it is just a fashion statement.

And does this not all defeat the very notion of Hijab? That it is to take away from an external view of a woman and her body and assert that a woman’s value lies with her intellect, mindset, character, and not simply her outer appearance.

Huffington Post contributor, Shohana Khan recently wrote an article entitled ‘The Acceptance Of Hijab, Just Won’t Happen Through The Catwalk’ in which she scrutinised the idea of Hijab on the catwalk and questioned the focus on the Hijab as a tool for exterior judgment.

‘Hijab takes away from the public sphere what Muslim women seek to make private. It is character, achievements, skills that Muslim women seek to put on show. So should we have to settle for acceptance based upon how aesthetically appealing the hijab can look, despite most Muslim women not wearing it for such reasons?

Muslim women enjoy dressing well, but hijab is fundamentally not a style item, it is a sign of identity and values. In the climate we live in today, rejection of hijab is also on the basis on identity and values, where it is seen as an act of defiance to Western societies by many. So really, the inclusion on the next catwalk line up of a new season does not mean a meaningful difference on the platform where it matters most – accepting hijab as a normative part of one’s identity.’

Thank you, Shohana.

A product of her environment, Noor clearly believes that her oppressors are her liberators. And this is not just the case with her; so it is with most young Muslims today. Integration is no longer enough. We need to now assimilate entirely in order to be accepted. And even then, it will not be sufficient.

The Secularisation of Religion and Empowerment

There has been a monumental shift in what it means to be a Muslim. It is no longer this idea of submission to a Divine being, but rather to ones own self. Our whims and desires have become our God, and our own self takes precedence over all-else. This blurring of lines has resulted in many Muslims highlighting their inherent belief in their own choice, their own power to act as they please, and their complete autonomy over their actions.

Hussain Makke from the Muslim Vibe wrote,

‘People have made Islam what they want it to be according to how it suits their lives, and if those people of tradition have anything to say about it they are immediately labeled as fundamentalist and extreme. They are labeled, ironically, as judgmental.’

And is the hypocrisy not astounding? When Muslim women finally speak out about that which they believe crosses the line, they are labeled as backward and unsupportive of progression. They are targeted for being worried for their faith. Targeted because their views are not in line with the secular liberal paradigm currently in place.

DPhil Islamic Studies candidate at Oxford, Walaa Quisay, also eloquently addressed the topic of freedom, Hijab, and secularism as follows:

‘To be honest, I have never been fully comfortable with the appropriation of the narrative of choice as the primary explanation behind the hijab. There is a lot of epistemological baggage outlining that line of reasoning. So beside what this particular lady chose to do, this is really the end of using the hijab as a statement of identity.

So when we start our line of reasoning, the hijab was my choice; it is my right to wear it. It means I am a Muslim. There is a very interesting process going on; we are refocusing religious practice away from God and back to ourselves. We justify it with very particular notions of autonomy, sovereignty, and it ultimately becomes a statement of identity. We essentially end up practicing Islam in a very secular way and under very secular terms. It becomes not something we become (i.e. obedient faithfuls) but a Hijabi that could and will occupy any space.

Considering all of that, it is not surprising that a ‘Hijabi’ goes on Playboy to prove to the world that she exists. But then it is funny because you try to reassert your presence but then play it on their terms taking away any meaning that the hijab could have had in the beginning and losing your identity battle all in one go.’

If Muslim women felt comfortable in their own Islamic identity, there would be no need to pedal primary capitalist aims, such as exploiting women, in a bid to increase revenue.

For those who push the argument of Empowerment, let us make one thing clear – any kind of affiliation with Playboy is not empowering.

Many are also highlighting the case of notable figures such as Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali featuring in Playboy. Why was there no uproar at their participation? Why is a Muslim woman being held to account? Why is there such a blatant double standard?

Well, first and foremost – when it comes to a magazine such as Playboy, featuring a man is one thing, but featuring a woman is a whole other ball game – considering the magazine propelled to fame through showcasing women as an item, a centre-piece, to be gawked at and misused.

Secondly, we live in a time where the Hijab is one of the most widely discussed issues in the media; we live in the era of the Global War on Terror; an era of scrutiny on Muslim men and women alike; an era in which there is a clear agenda to reform Islam entirely and, this time, our Hijab wearing sisters are being pushed into the arena, where they are used as pawns in this global, ideological game of chess.

Thirdly, their interviews did not come at such a massive compromise of the Islamic values that are meant to be upheld by Muslim women. Yes, women are held to a different standard in Islam, a higher standard by the very nature of their significance, in birthing generation after generation, by their overarching contributions to society. No, it is not patriarchy. It is not misogyny. It is the understanding that in Islam, we answer to God. Not to man. If He has set a standard for us, then we try our best to live up to it. Forget what they did then. It is about what we are doing now.

Lastly, and I feel this is a very important point to understand, these interviews actually did come at a time when there were a minimal number of platforms to gain publicity, or to be heard, that is 1963 and 1975, to be precise. I think it is reasonable to say here that had these interviews taken place now, the response generated would be fairly different.

And for those who argue that Playboy no longer feature full frontal nudity, this is not due to a sudden realisation that exploiting women is plain wrong. It is due to the plain, simple fact that Playboy can no longer compete with the pornography industry. It cannot compete with this new age of instant technology and so it is high time to move on. As Playboy CEO Scott Flanders stated,

“You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it’s just passé at this juncture.”

And thus the moral compass remains askew. Of course, there will still be a ‘Playmate of the Month’ – but just PG 13. Funny that.

It is argued that we need to reach out and take advantage of the few platforms that we have access to; we have to do whatever we can in order to make ourselves heard. But is a magazine that has played a significant role in the sex revolution, a magazine that has shamelessly used women as a commodity to generate interest, a magazine that celebrates objectification and relishes in misogyny, really the medium through which we want to be communicating our thoughts? Is being featured in Playboy a measure of progress?

I am a Muslim woman who wears Hijab. And I am saying the following: This feature has not empowered us, it has only tightened our shackles and crippled us further in the battle for liberation against the oppressive structures in play.

First it was multi-national co-operations monopolising on our dress code and making it accessible only to the 1%. And now it is Playboy telling us that success comes hand in hand with selling ourselves short. Getting ahead comes at the expense of our moral code and, above all, there is no space for Islam in the West – well, not the original one anyway. Only a reformed and ‘modernised’ version is welcome, where man is God and God is confined to the home, tucked away on a bookshelf or folded away neatly in a corner.

A Muslimah’s empowerment comes with being empowered to serve God. It does not lie in the acceptance and validation of man. It does not lie in the assertion and illusion of freedom and choice. And it most certainly does not lie with Playboy.

It is, of course, difficult to be heard. And it is even more difficult to have a voice. It is true that it is difficult being a Muslim and, yes, it is difficult being a woman. But we cannot scream for freedom at the expense of the only thing that keeps us from the chains of objectification. We cannot scream for freedom and tie ourselves down to these oppressive structures of patriarchy, believing this to be our deliverance.

For the sisters who are holding it down, fighting for their right to be honorable in the eyes of God, struggling to contain the backlash of “Playboy magazine features hijab-wearing woman for the first time ever”, dealing with men coming out in droves to condemn, trying your best to articulate your point without coming across as ‘judgemental’, ‘extreme’, and ‘intolerant’, I know you have had enough. So have I.

I am tired; tired of having to see the Muslim woman exploited time and time again; tired of seeing any woman exploited, at that; tired of having to fight the battle of trying to reclaim the Hijab; tired of trying to live by Islam and being attacked by the ‘tolerant’, ‘modernised’ intellectual. I am tired of being forced to take my voice and my religion back into the home and tired of privileged young Muslimahs disregarding what elder generations vehemently fought for, what scholars of the past dedicated their lives to, what we are fighting for; our right to be unapologetically Muslim. Unapologetically a believer. Unapologetically submissive to our Lord. And unapologetically unlike you.


About Reem Ahmed

Reem is a journalist, researcher and graduate from the University of London. She is currently studying for a Masters, and her areas of interests include but are not limited to Education and Current Affairs.


  1. Women in Muslim garb don’t need to be in Playboy. Now maybe in the Beekeeper Rags you can find an actual use for those outfits. Forget the black material, better to use light colors. It upsets the bees less .

  2. Brothers, why do allow all these useless trolls on here? It’s not freedom of speech, it’s freedom of bullsh*t, and we don’t need to read it. 80% of the comments on this article are pathetic, sad, need to get a life, trolls.

    You do NOT need to post their comments….??? It ruins the site for those whom you are meaning to serve, ie. Muslims! You are ruining this site for us, please we are not interested in the opinion of these low lives. Moderate your site!

  3. I think that we are forgetting here that we exist as individuals God created us as individuals and we will be judged in the end as individuals for the actions we made. Each is responsible for his/her own acts.

    So all that rhetoric about damage and representation is misplaced, she represents herself only, no one appointed her to represent anyone else and she doesn’t claim such a representation, so there has been a huge amount of overreaction. We need to understand that we don’t get to dictate on someone what or what not to do cause the judgment is a divine act that will happen on the judgment day. So it’s time to break away from the medieval authoritarian narratives that tell people what or what not to do and which set of carved in stone rules they should follow to be accepted and judged as good and accepted representatives.

    And for the rest your article is centered about acceptance and validation which is “hors sujet” because you are making the assumption that she did it because she is seeking acceptance and validation while it’s not the case, she’s already successful and very well known and she imposed her clothing choices in places where they were not the norm at all and were not seen before. All that before this playboy picture.
    And the theme of the story is renegades and it targets this issue, blazing your own way while abiding to your beliefs. Did you read the article?

    And at the end she made playboy abide to her norms they complied to her norms she brought them from the opposite end of the spectrum to where she stands they didn’t take her to where they are, no they didn’t.

    • evil triumphs with silence of good

      Dear sami

      Only God judges

      Very true. What is the point of following the rules of traffic for an example? Or let’s say man made laws that may be good? I mean the ones that may be such…..who puts those laws? you mentioned medieval authoritarian etc is that assuming Islamic way of life and God’s natural law ie.shariah.. etc which if I’m correct can sort of be called the same for jewish/xi tian laws?! With the latter being made secular and made into a personal relationship with the Creator? Ie the misnomer of individualism…etc.and where we are today???!!

      But one thing that could come out of what you have said and I’m sure it may have been mentioned…is why doesn’t someone ask her…what why who …etc

      God bless you her and the rest of us

      And I leave u in a old mediveal saying of peace be upon u

    • Who/what do u submit to?

      One more thing if u do not mind!

      May it be asked of you who do u worship? Or do u believe in a god? And if so do you believe In their god ie the god of the god u believe in ie the God of all.

      With that said, and as to what was mentioned, hopefully you have heard the argument let’s say discussion of the phone/tv/computer /car all having manuals. .etc. how about life? Who teaches us the best way to lead a better and peaceful life?

      If u choose not to answer may I just add like life school is life……We receive the course content then answer coursework and sit final test…etc then we pass or fail??!! Would u agree.

      And the teacher corrects and directs through out???!! Earthly speaking the teacher tries his/her best to do that. Ie they try to be just and fair in implementing what they too have learnt.

      As back to the gods….There are many gods! U could be a god I could be . So could our jobs.our families.our desires. Money our phones.the world itself
      .ultimately Satan.

      To end it we are here to serve and make life better for its Inhabitants and not just humans. So what does it matter when we are being led to destruction and moral degradation ? We live in times as most probably thru out history when truth is falsehood not vice versa.well it’s made to look as such.

      We love u as God loves all. And He is the one who wants good for His creation. Hence His books laws and messengers and their followers hence the reminders and disscussions

      Peace unto u

      • final testimony to mankind

        Falsehood is seen as truth and vice versa **

        Do u believe In holy wood?

        What pill are you taking blue or red?

        Or music coz it’s all a kinda of magic.

        Hopefully and we pray like the singer of on the road to finding out – u too find out. So please pick up a good book now!


  4. Nobody cares about this and nobody cares about Playboy. As far as the Hijab nonsense goes, nobody cares about that either. All this attention over a silly piece of cloth. My Mum used to wear one when she had curlers in her hair. It’s just another way that some Muslim women use to gain attention. It ain’t working and the magazine hasn’t been any good for decades. Tired of all this hijab nonsense.

    • my hand is hurting..wonder why

      suppose whether it is nonsense or not or whether it leads to moral degradation and decline…take two lollies…one wrapped one not….what would the flies fly around…..

      even so two covered one not…..who would the ones following their desires,,,,and we are all human…but who would they bother?

      women rape….very rare… hijab is not just to protect the noble sisiters but to protect man..the weaker beast… one sense…..but who runs the pornographic industry?…..

      do you want to sell anything? get a naked oppressed person do so….sorry hurtful but truth is sometimes bitter……

      suppose waking up is sometimes hard…..apologies if it comes over too hard in response…..but when truth is attacked …it is taken personal. may God guide you and forgive you and me too and all the rest…

      please use your brains and THINK for your self……i.e.switch off the TV

      • In the 7th Century in the Middle East, all women would have been wearing some form of head covering. I will believe that the head scarf has bearing on society. But first you need to explain how the founder of your so called “religion” couldn’t keep it in his knickers? Seems it didn’t matter to him, maybe you guys need to start thinking.

    • The sacredness of marriage

      Dear tom

      Hope you have been thinking?

      Some more thought to digest about your hi jab nonsense comment…etc. may be a reason why the onslaught on the modesty of the hi jab ie the veiling of the beauty and the treasures. So not too be stolen if just by sight shall we say and the common phenonema of mass filming on let’s just say phones. ..etc.

      Anyway.after that.more degradation seems is planned.mire abnormalities. May be one day homosexuals will give birth.may be soon beastality and paedophilia soon too.

      To end story.the equivocation of equality is true in one sense but really it should be equity because one thing is that opposite genders are not equilateral? ! And whether is is not the norm nowadays men and women do have different roles and God given talents and emotions…etc.

      Suppose we currently live in an unequalled and inequitable devil runner world.

    • a father/brother/son/cousin/nephew/a human

      So what is your view of fornication?

    • You would your a troll!

  5. May Allah bless you! So glad to witness our noble sisters standing up in defence of true hijab! May Allah keep them steadfast and protect them always

  6. I agree with all your points sister. I think it’s also important to remember that although Noor”s actions were completely disagreeable, she is still our sister at the end of the day, and I feel that the headline ‘Playboy Hijabi’ is a bit misleading and is unfair to her. She’s done a lot of good for the Muslim community through her career and activism but many reading your article will not know anything about Noor Tagouri except this one huge mistake she’s made. You are absolutely right to criticise her actions and keep her accountable but labelling her as the ‘Playboy Hijabi’ is hurtful, it reduces her to this one mistake wrong action she’s made and doesn’t reflect who she is all-round. We want her to read this article, but if we want her to rethink her actions I don’t think labelling her a Playboy Hijabi will help, it will probably just push her away and upset her even further.

    • Playboy Hijab* not Hijabi
      I think it was a typo

    • Any good she did will be trumped by this. Sadly this is all she will be remembered for. We had this phenomena in the British Raj too. Or was called Brown Sahibs. Indians who desperately wanted to be seen as white. That went well didn’t it!

  7. Whats next halal IPA?

  8. Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
    Reading this piece made me very emotional in a good way. I rarely make comments on pieces but I felt I couldn’t pass this and not let the writer know how profoundly happy she has made me feel. I can’t penn down all my views but I will just firstly say that alhamdulillah there are still a number of sisters, albeit small,who still remember and understand as much as Allah has blessed us to understand the concept of hijab and islam and the West.
    Personally, I try my level best not to judge or dehumanise a person for his/her views or actions because Allah guides whom He wills. But I have a right to my opinion and will be unapologetic about it. As long as we Muslims continue to seek acceptance and glory and success through means disliked by Allah or continue to compromise our values, we will continue to have the same problems and probably on a larger scale. As long as we continue to allow the Western world to ‘help define’ us and empower us we would continue to be dependent on their opinions.
    Having said that, I do not know the lady personally nor otherwise and don’t know her reasons for making this decision, but if she felt she was in some way helping to promote the image of Islam by this then I’m afraid there is something deeply wrong and hopefully a well-respected and well-respected scholar can guide her out of this decision. However if she’s got personal reasons then it’s between her and Allah.
    And it’s Noor today, it could be any of us tomorrow. And it may present in a different form. It is predicted by our dear nabiyy SAW that a time will come when it will be easier to hold on to a hit burning coal than our deen. Myers brothers and sisters, even if that time hasn’t come yet, it will and the only way to not become of the loses is to pray and ask Allah for His guidance and mercy and to increase&deepen our knowledge of our deen, our Lord and what HE expects from us.
    May Allah SWT guide all of mankind aright. Amin

  9. some rabbit meat is nice (as not to deceave, the animal is meant))

    Allah Akbar, the hijabi women are the true mujahids of the ummah, i.e. like Uthmaniyah mentioned those distingueshed as standing out (modern day Mary’s) as followers of the best guidance for mankind and followers of Moses/Jesus and of the best of mankind and a mercy to all…sayidna w sayidhom Muhammed peace be upon him and on them all.

    personally i believe it has something to do with the great harlot/whore of the bible, revelations i think

    non-muslims i.e. fellow brs/srs in humanity please if you wish listen to the spoken words titled ”love marriage and fairy-tales” and also the ”greatest woman”, but even better look into the status of women in islam…read the final testament to us all i.e. the Quran.

    just a comment on one of todays’ free papers….something about a sister and children being traumatized about images of 9/11…etc.yet in the same papers /media not mentioning the naked pictures but also the naked buttocks or was is it just a scuplture…etc. so where are they taking not just the innocent childrens minds but also adults…that is just genereally speaking…so what are they insiuating at?? and who do they answer to?… lowkey stated in a song..i think obamanation part2, something about being in front of a jury/judge (no difference -as it is all a show) and asking how can singing / writing be equated to invading and killing millions…etc. oops are we allowed to criticize the bearers of freedom of speech….was not insulting!?…..all off the subject perhaps….

    suppose we all need a world healing jihad…..(that is a mis-changing of a xtian group with the word crusade instead of jihad obviously)…but i am not insiuating nothing and all i am saying is JIHAD / ie struggle of the nafs/ ie the self is much needed…

    as to br henderson…..can’t we in this day and age call who ever we want anything we like…do not mean ever day people….they say things about the beloved and even their god….most governments and their so called leaders are not even human let alone terrorists…but nothing was insiuated there…just an opinion…so until we are fed out thoughts/opinions even more and …..well let just say let us try and use our GOD given freedom to express and speech, as long as it is not sinful..while we can.

    quack quack….will we see you like we saw bush…cant remember but wear the wellies….very insignificant isnt it…..

    albeit for truth bearing humans that are left..and i pray i could be amongst them as the rabbit hole gets deeper…perhaps a way to get out of the lizard hole is to use the rabbits gift…….NOW WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?…….if a time does come and i hope it doesnt…i say now i can not remember i was not insiuataing nothing and i am currently off my head…i am a mad man…i.e. i am crazy

    so may Allah / ie GOD forgive me you and all of us and them…for our sins..for what we say or do not or for what we do or do not…….

  10. I guess another Husain Chalayan image.
    There’ll be the catch somewhere for sure.
    In this day and age, one ‘forgets’ the real purpose of wearing the real hijaab, and just gives the general reason
    ‘so that everyone can see and know I FOLLOW THE RELIGION OF ISLAAM

  11. If people are going to bring up Malcom X and Muhammad Ali’s interview, before looking at it as a man vs woman issue, they should bother to research the content and time that the interviews were given. Both were still with the nation of islam at the time (non-muslims) and the content of the interviews were full of the type of falsehoods and evil that the NOI propagates.

  12. mass dis-cusser

    nice article sister.

    one not come back and when it comes there. look for a mountain while you can. they are probably civilizing the mountain tops too with wifi..etc, just like in the poorer so called uncivilised parts of the world too.

    mrs t and co…may I be of those exiled please, but please give me what is mine and my rights and then I will go and perhaps the subject..but..basically dig my grave else where….people say thank God we are here. as if a place of residence is god or a god…..GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY….. who’s country? who owns this little empire? i.e. the seas and the lands? oh we made it all didn’t we? yes us …stupid intelligent humans…that we all are..apologies I am radicalized…..thanks to…..the media and what not! send the suicide squad…no dummies I mean the stupid film…..very civilized!…..come across as hatred…who ****** cares……I am a bit emotional so sorry…..hurry satan get me out of jail……MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMMEMEME….excuse the arrogance insecurity is lovely……

    p.s. while I try and be normal and civilized…can anyone tell me where one can get a copy of the playboy magazine?….oh it was mentioned just press a button or use a mouse. thank you.

    sometimes some writings/actions cause fitna……who cares?…as always and currently, and I leave now to go worship me and my desires……..

    wont say the user states or divided kingdom or the ones that run them…i’ll just say death to the little me…please please…..RPU..please…..showing off…well it is all a show is it not?!……on how to sow ones own destruction even more will be greatly appreciated.

    immature and boring one so media if you do or don’t have a field day and keep blowing you 8888 8 88 8 8 8 8 8 8

    if this get published .sorry to sister Afia. please say hello to the nabateans!

    I know it is wrong.but going to keep on writing anyway. it all choices!

  13. While I understand where you are coming from, with your argument. The title is misleading. The Playboy Hijabi insinuates something completely different. I think it is important out of respect for people, and the individual concerned that this title is changed.

    • I definitely agree with your line of reasoning but I also feel that there’s an element of truth. Fact of the matter is, what it insinuates is what it is. A Hijabi featured in Playboy. Yep, fully clothed Hijabi featuring in Playboy. Thats what it is and one can’t detract from that.
      I don’t want to focus too much on the sister herself, but this has been so damaging to the Muslimah community and it needs to be understood that we are enraged at this idea. We are enraged that people believe we are being saved by being featured in some racy, gutter mag. But if you strongly feel it should be changed, I don’t mind and am happy to do so! 🙂

    • Why?

  14. Is this actually happening?!!
    One half of the ummah are being slaughtered on a daily basis (Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Burma etc) and then there are these low lives who have sold their Akhirah!
    Allahu Musta’an

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