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Islam21c has gone to the Next Level

After the success of our first ever nationwide impact campaign,

In Their Shoes, tackling the toxic practice of weaponising children in marriage breakdown, 
Islam21c has committed to repeating it annually but this year we have to do more and help our Uyghur brothers and sisters by running national impact campaigns to fight against the Uyghurs genocide

To run these campaigns and continue our other impacting projects we need additional heroes 

to set up regular standing orders,

 to give for the sake of Allah swt and get a share in the reward

and including….

✔️ … Share in the reward of whoever prays SALAH with Khushoo

✔️ Share in the reward of whoever recites and learns the QURAN

✔️ Share in the reward of whoever acquires KNOWLEDGE of Allah (swt) and His deen

✔️ Share in the reward of one who takes their SHAHADAH & every good they & their children do

✔️ ​If any hardship is removed from a BELIEVER, you will get rewarded

This donation will be Sadaqah Jariyah for you insha’Allah. 

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