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Unscripted #41 | Is this the Endgame for the People of Shaam? | Tauqir Sharif & Dr Ahmed Alhameed

Is this the final war for humanity? Because what humanity is left if we sit and let this pass us by?⁣

In this week’s emergency #Unscripted podcast, we are joined by Dr Ahmed Alhameed and Tauqir ‘Tox’ Sharif as he gives an emotional message about the dire situation in Idlib, Syria, in what could be their last stand. They analyse the war and its history, what we can do now and for the future, as well as the obligation upon the Muslims to ensure this never happens again.⁣


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(Cited by Al-Hasan al-Basri)

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  1. Also, @1:18:15
    -Rahma Worlwide

  2. From 39:30
    Muslim charities in the area named by brother Tauqir:
    -Hand in Hand, One Nation, One Eid, Muslims in Need, Gift of the Givers

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