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This Ramadan, we are urgently looking for heroes
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The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said,
"When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah, a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him."

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People save lives
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Islam21c came into existence after 9/11 when the world turned against Islam. We made it our mission then 
to create a platform that will empower Muslims. Islam21c started gaining popularity as more and more Muslims 
started seeking solutions to everyday problems through disturbing times. 

We became one of the most credible, trustworthy and relevant Muslim Media platforms
 in the world that was created for one noble mission!

To Inspire and Empower the Muslim community with Islamic guidance and solutions through transformational digital media 

Our Vision: 

To see every Muslim Confident and Impacting the world

Through our content, unlike any other platforms we started nurturing souls with Islam,
so Muslims of today were equipped to deal with these problems, Confidently.
 Over the last 15 years we’ve taken over the digital space and inspire and empower millions of Muslims 
who go on to inspire even more. 


More Muslims are actively seeking guidance and solutions to the problems they face. The Muslim community is resorting to Islam21c for answers! 

This is Your chance to leave behind a legacy,

 Join our mission now in Ramadan

Support Islam21c 

Your Rewards,

Cool Number

In 2020 alone we reached over 20 MILLION people providing practical solutions with the help of expert 

scholars and activists tackling critical timely issues such as: 

✓ Having the confidence to deal with RSE, Islamophobia, prevent and more   


✓ Dealing with Mental health and death  


✓ Surviving the Pandemic positively    


✓ Advice on Parenting and bringing your children in the Best way    


✓ Learning practical solutions and implementations from Quran and Sunnah 


✓ Fighting oppression & upholding justice  


 Building a peaceful and empowering marriage 

Bringing the community together for National Impact campaigns

✓ Campaigning for Uyghurs brothers and sisters 


✓ In Their Shoes – a wake up call to stop weaponing children in marital disputes.
This call reached 100,000 people in 1 Day!


✓ Taking the UK government to court for the Prevent Strategy, the ruling was in favour of Islam21c

Without the help of Allah swt and our donors this would not have been possible

This year receive the rewards 

of everyone that has benefitted from Islam21c

Join our mission now in Ramadan

... And Will Keep Multiplying
after death




You Will Get The Reward!

May Allah bless you all for the beneficial articles presented in an easy to digest format.
I have learnt so much. I have followed Islam21c for ten years now.’
(readers from our social community)

... And Will Keep Multiplying
after death

Over the last 15 years, we have been reaching out to the community to invest in this project. 
Build it STRONGER 
Make it LOUDER


Your Sadaqah strengthens our ability to save more souls 


So Today Here We Are Asking You for support, so that Muslims become confident in their Islam again and impact others to do the same 


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