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Reach New Customers with Islam21c, Instantly

For companies seeking a growth opportunity and looking to take advantage of the Muslim marketplace, please read on…

Expectation: you have an amazing business idea, you start with a fabulous looking website, you click the ‘live’ button, you see the sales soaring, you see the PayPal payment notifications pouring in your inbox, the Facebook post has gone viral thanks to a little hack you came across online and the mailshot has just landed you a £5000 sale from one product alone only because you followed those 7 easy tips from a popular marketing guru on YouTube.



Reality: you have an amazing business idea, you start with a fabulous looking website, you click the ‘live’ button and then…. you hear…. crickets.

No PayPal payment notifications, the Facebook post only reached 3 people, of which 2 are friends & family, and finally the mailshot, that took you 5 painstaking hours to make and edit may not show up on all email programs, simply because the YouTube video that you watched wasn’t as helpful as you’d hoped it would be.

And then you find yourself:

  • – Constantly wondering where the next client will come from? 
  • – Competing on Google ads, despite every single ad in your industry saying the same thing, making it impossible for the buyer to choose your business over your competitors.
  • – Wondering if there will ever be an easy Facebook hack that will increase your click-through rate.
  • – In a web of endless variables from subject headlines to keywords, to the best use of filters, SEO, heatmaps, mailing lists, pop up opt-ins, click funnels and the list goes on with no substantial outcome…

Let’s face it, it is not as simple as it was a few years ago when the “Here are my services, come and buy from us” approach would work.

The reality is online competition is at an all-time high, no matter which industry you are in! While we hope that our next blog post or Facebook post go viral, and is the answer to all our business cash flow problems, unfortunately, the chances for that are minuscule.


70 million new posts are produced each month on wordpress
– 2019

You need a solid strategy, a strategy that is not left to chance. A strategy that puts your business in front of your ideal customers week after week, so that you can nurture a relationship to meet that sweet spot with your clients for healthy, long-lasting sale.

This is where we can help you!

Who are we and what do we do?

We are ISLAM21C, a UK based Islamic digital media platform providing authentic information via various online channels to English speaking Muslims worldwide since 2006.

Through our website and social media platforms, we reach more than 1/4 Million people every single day providing authentic Islamic content on important topics on all sectors such as Islamic Finance, Media, Politics, Health Issues, Family Affairs to mention a few. We have on board renowned shuyookh and scholars of the Muslim world that support our work and contribute regularly to our content, allowing us to be a respected and trusted name in today’s Muslim landscape.

You could say:

Islam21c is the go-to site for English speaking Muslims, seeking valid solutions and Islamic guidance for everyday challenges”

How does this help your business?

Over the last few years, we have become an authentic and authoritative brand amongst Muslims. We are now giving you an access to our platform to promote your products and services, an opportunity for your business to SHOW UP to the RIGHT audience with a trusted brand in the Muslim Community.

We understand one of the most common struggles for a small business is to stand out from the competition.


 Currently 6 Million businesses are using Facebook ads to reach their target audience (Aug 2019)


That is some fierce competition. While many businesses think they need more traffic to their website, in reality, people just buy from brands they know and trust. Don’t you?

Our packages are designed to keep your brand in front of customers every week enabling you to build a relationship as well as promote your products and offers to a large following of dedicated subscribers and fans- your potential customers.


 Our professional, affluent readership have an appetite to spend

In detail, your advertising package with Islam21c will include the following:

A brand presence on, a platform that has 7 Million Muslim users to date generating approximately 16 million page views!


Promotion of your services and offers across our Facebook page that has more than ¼ million fans and a community that is continuously growing!


Access to an impressive mailing list of devoted supporters of Islam21c, who care about Halal and have previously purchased from advertisers at Islam21c.


A dedicated and committed team working hard to see your objectives through. Our working process involves steps to ensure strong client communication throughout


Add value to your brand by being associated with Islam21c, an organisation that is supported by other Muslim organisations, scholars, and influencers worldwide.


Payment plans to get you started.

Our ethos has always been to focus on offering a premium advertising space yielding maximum exposure to facilitate a relationship that will result in a conversion to your platform.


Our model is to work with a small number of clients at any one time. This allows us to focus on building trust between our followers and our clients’ products and services. This package or platform is not suitable for businesses who are looking for quick sales or a one-off mailshot. We believe that sustainable, high-quality sales always take time to build and optimize.


We are passionate about working with businesses and entrepreneurs who are serious about nurturing a relationship with consumers through their unique marketing message.


 For our first three clients only, a 10% Discount on any package
(offer expires end of November)


Are you ready to reach out to new customers, instantly?
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