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Islam21c joins you in marking World Mental Health Day 2022

We mark World Mental Health Day by reflecting on some positive messages to get us through the day.

Four Imams | Departing the World in Egypt

“I saw al-Shāfi’ī in a dream after his demise. I said to him, ‘O Father of ‘Abdullāh, how did Allāh receive you?’ He replied, ‘He sat me on a throne of gold and poured over me the purest of pearls.’”

Four Imams | A Teenage Jurist

Did you know that al-Shāfi’ī was only fifteen years old when his teacher gave him permission to issue verdicts?

Four Imams | Like Teacher, Like Student

What a privilege it is to share the biography of yet another luminary – a man whose story leaves one both lost for words and immensely grateful to Allāh for His gift to humanity through such an individual.

One God Many Names | Al-Shāfi (The Healer)

Al-Shāfi is He who does not require a prior appointment, nor are the ailing expected to pay a fee or even to wait in a queue.