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Libyan minister fired and on the run after secretly meeting Israeli counterpart

The recent confidential meeting between Libya and Israel's foreign ministers is proof of the latter's drive to unite Arab states against Palestine.

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Why do the Zionists raid al-Aqsa every Ramadan?

While the Zionist state's occupation of Palestine continues, the typical trends of violence may have major ramifications for its house of cards.

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Netanyahu under pressure as protests rock Zionist state

The Zionist leader is feeling the heat after hundreds of thousands have protested against his far-right power grab tactics against the judiciary.

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Elderly woman among 10 Palestinians killed by invading Zionist militia

A 61-year-old woman was among 10 Palestinians killed after Zionist thugs invaded Jenin refugee camp on Thursday.

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Uncovering the unabashed lies between Peterson and Netanyahu

Ahmed Hammuda responds to the numerous falsehoods espoused by Benjamin Netanyahu and Dr. Jordan Peterson in a recent podcast.

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Is Benjamin Netanyahu set to come back from the brink?

Netanyahu is seeking to make a leadership comeback whilst under multiple fraud investigations.

Has “Back-Stabbing” the Palestinian Cause become the New Norm?

Does the formal normalisation of relations between Israel and the UAE signal a new normal?

Palestinian Annexation Needs a “Diplomatic Tsunami”

European settler colonialism continues to live and breathe new venom in 2020

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Cattle, Herders, and the ‘Deal of the Century’

Why the 'Deal of the Century' is destined to fail