Islam21c has taken on a mission

To feed vulnerable families this Ramadan

and we need YOUR support

We wanted to do something special this year to mark our 15th anniversary. Alhamdulilah with the blessings of Allah swt, Islam21c has grown from strength to strength. Helping the ummah has always been our core focus. This year we wanted to give back in a different way.


 Alongside our charity partner One ummah, Islam21c is raising money to feed vulnerable families in desperate situations. 

Every Ramadan Millions of men, women and children go hungry and are unable to fast,simply because they cannot afford to eat.

Team One Ummah will be on the ground delivering your food parcels across 15 countries! 100% Donation policy


We want you to be part of it and support us in this mission distributing food parcels to:

Needy people this Ramadan across 15 countries can have access to food with your help

An amazing opportunity for you to provide

Iftaar & Sahoor packs

Join Us In This Mission and Help Us Raise the




10 FOOD PACK £300

20 FOOD PACK £600

30 FOOD PACK £900

50 FOOD PACK £1,500

100 FOOD PACK £3,000

Help us raise the necessary funds to help feed 10,000 vulnerable men, women, children and elderly this Ramadan.

1 food packs costs as little as £1 a day! (That’s Less than a cup of coffee from your favourite cafe)


Take part in 3 EASY STEPS

Step 1:  Choose a target you want to raise and fill out the form below

Step 2: Receive your crowdfunding page

Step 3: Share with your friends and family to reach your target

By proceeding, you will be added to the Islam21c mailing list. Your data is safe with us and will be protected in accordance with our data protection policy.

A donation of £30 will feed these children for an
ENTIRE month
of Ramadan


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