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Assess Yourself!

Assess Yourself!

 Tuba for the person who wants to be just to himself for the sake of His Lord and recognises his ignorance, the great deficiency in his actions, his own shortcomings, his transgression of His rights, and his oppression in his daily affairs.

Hence, if Allah takes him to account for his sins [the servant] sees this to be from His justice and if He does not take him to account then he sees this to be from His generosity.

If the servant performs a good action, he understands that it came into existence by Allah’s grace and beneficence. Then, if He accepts it, the servant sees this as a second blessing and gift. If, however, He rejects it, the reason is that such an action does not deserve to be directed to Him.

If the servant commits an evil deed, he understands that it came into being because of his relinquishing Him, his forsaking Him and Allah’s withdrawing His protection from him. This happened by His justice and therefore, he recognises his dire need of His Lord and his oppression of himself. If He forgives him, it is purely due to His beneficence, kindness and grace.

The point of the discussion and the secret behind it is that the servant only sees his Lord as One continuously bestowing goodness and he only sees himself as one who is sinful, excessive or deficient. Therefore, he realises that every good that becomes easy for him to perform is a result of His Lords’ generosity and beneficence. He also realises everything he dislikes is a result of his sins and His Lords’ justice.

When the homes of the beloved are destroyed the lovers say: water [and aid] for those affected! Likewise, when the years come to the lover when he is beneath the soil, it is then that he will remember the excellence of his obeying Him in the world, Allah’s love of him, His continual renewing of His mercy to him and His giving drink to those who were residing in those worn out bodies.



Notes: Translated by Abu Rumaysah Refi Shafi
Source; www.islam21c.com
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