Najla Islam Ali

Najla has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from City University, an MA in Islamic Studies from Markfield Institute, accredited by Loughborough University, an MA in Woman and Child Abuse from London Metropolitan University, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Islamic Counselling also accredited by Loughborough University and a TEFL certificate. She currently lives in Egypt with her husband and kids, where she studies Qur'an and Arabic Language privately.
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Violence Against Women: Female Genital Mutilation

29 Min Read

  - - Related Post - "FGM": The Latest Attempt to Dehumanise Muslims, by Dr Salman Butt - - Violence Against Women Part 1: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Note: this article contains some explicit descriptions of violence against women and girls, and as such may be unsuitable for some readers. In light of the recent furore around the concept of “Female Genital Mutilation” (FGM), it has become necessary to outline some of the practices that occur when a female undergoes this procedure, and why it is, in fact, considered a form of violence and abuse against women, and a form

The Effects of Abuse on Child Development

22 Min Read

Of all the rights of children, perhaps the most important is the right to be safe, and this is very often a matter of physical safety. All children should be able to grow up in situations where they are secure and encouraged, so that they can achieve their best outcomes throughout childhood and into adulthood. To achieve this, children need to feel loved and valued, and be supported by a network of reliable and affectionate relationships. If they are denied the opportunity and support they need to achieve these outcomes, children are at increased risk of disadvantages and social exclusion

Sexualisation of Culture breeds Sexual Violence

23 Min Read

Within recent times, there has emerged a pattern in which the focus is on the articulation and materialisation of sex throughout a vast range of cultural, social and political fields, with an emphasis on re-conceptualising and establishing sexual significance. This has followed the increasingly unrestrained principle of sexual consumption, verified by the escalating and unbridled demand for strip clubs, escort services, pornography, telephone sex, sex shops, and sex tours; a considerably radical change from the way in which sex and sexuality was expressed even a quarter of a century ago. Sex in the contemporary world can take many forms, and