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Abu Muslim Kamran is currently a student at the Islamic University of Madeenah, having previously studied in Egypt. He has been actively involved with many international dawah organisations and Islamic websites, as well as owning his own web design agency.
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Terror in the City of Peace

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Official statement from the Saudi Government's Press Agency confirms that the blasts in Madinah al Munawwarah were unfortunately suicide bombings. As a resident of Madinah (alhamdulillah), yesterday’s news of the explosion in the blessed city of the Madinah, close to the masjid of the final Messenger, the beloved of Allah, Muhammad (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) shocked me more than most. Myself and the people of Madinah could never imagine that an event like this would occur, not in this sacred city of all places. Anyone who has lived here or even visited for Umrah, would tell you that it

A warning to the Facebook Shaykh and Twitter Mufti

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Speaking without knowledge Before I started studying at The Islamic University of Madeenah, I worked as a social media officer for a well-known Muslim organisation. As time progressed, I noticed a worrying trend amongst Muslims, many of whom were speaking without knowledge by answering Islamic questions and in many cases, issuing their own fatāwa. This phenomenon is very dangerous not only for the one speaking without knowledge, but also for the one acting upon that false knowledge. Imagine if you had a medical problem, you would never consider visiting an engineer for a diagnosis, as that would not make sense

Seeking Knowledge – Lessons from the story of Mūsā and Khidr

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From the greatest forms of worship a Muslim can perform, is seeking knowledge purely for Allāh’s sake. Over the last few decades, Muslims in the West have become increasingly active in seeking knowledge, whether it be in the traditional ways of sitting with scholars and enrolling in institutions, or utilising newer technologies for learning. However, like all other acts of worship, seeking knowledge has guidelines and a methodology which we must follow set out by the One for whose sake we seek knowledge. Amongst the sources we can learn these guidelines from is none other than the final revelation sent

Current Affairs

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Mawlid Videos

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Arab Spring

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Islam in the 21st Century

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The 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah

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Philosophy of Fasting Playlist

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Virtues of Ramadan

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