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Nelson Mandela Foundation urged to withdraw Obama invitation

4 Min Read

CAGE Africa: “giving this man a platform would be tantamount to condoning these actions, something that Nelson Mandela would surely have stood against”

UNHCR report: Population size of UK displaced last year

4 Min Read

UNHCR report: By the time you have read this, around three more people will have become displaced...

UN General Assembly: Israel to blame for Gaza massacre

4 Min Read

With the support of 120 member states, the resolution proposed by Turkey and Algeria passed with a huge majority, following the rejection of a US backed draft blaming Hamas for Israel’s recent killings.

“Russian” and regime airstrikes kill Syrian civilians in “de-escalation zone.”

3 Min Read

The bombing inflicted the highest death toll in a single attack this year...

Inquiry launched into deadly Grenfell Tower fire

4 Min Read

Grenfell United: "the scale of the tragedy has devastated our lives and our community. What makes it even worse for us is the knowledge that these deaths were completely avoidable."

Israeli forces shoot and kill 21-year-old nurse as she saved lives

5 Min Read

Razan al-Najar: “This is humanitarian work, we don’t do it for money, we do it for God.”

Union of Muslim Scholars: Supporting Palestine duty on all Muslims

4 Min Read

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi: “It is the duty of all Muslims to support the Palestinian people with everything they have been given.”

Russian soldiers humiliate Assad regime looters

5 Min Read

In a humiliating occurrence Syrian regime soldiers are made to lay face-down at gun point by Russian troops for looting homes...

Petitions slamming Israel picking up support

5 Min Read

Petitions are calling for restrictions to be imposed on Israel for “violations of human rights and international law”. Whilst Israeli Supreme Court and lawmakers work to give IDF more leeway…

Prevent: Work with us and you won’t get deported

4 Min Read

Prevent Police in Wales offered asylum seeker help with his immigration status in exchange for spying on local Muslims.