Ahmad Jomaa

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Israeli attack razes village, leaving 41 children homeless

4 Min Read

In the violation deemed illegal under international law, the Israeli military left 74 people homeless, 41 of whom are children.

US election aftermath: Trump’s downfall appears inevitable

5 Min Read

One day after the US presidential elections came to a close, the votes are tallying up in favour of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Jeremy Corbyn says more needs to be done to help the Rohingya

5 Min Read

Jeremy Corbyn has called on the British government to “scale up” all efforts to help the Rohingya.

Three Muslim men hailed as heroes during Vienna shootings

5 Min Read

Two Turkish men and a Palestinian man risked life and limb to save others during the recent shootings in the capital city of Austria

Trump stirs the pot as United States holds presidential elections

5 Min Read

The United States is holding its 2020 presidential elections today.

Campaign launched to release one of two remaining Afghans in Guantanamo

5 Min Read

A campaign has been launched today demanding the release of one of two Afghans still captive in Guantanamo Bay prison.

Cummings may face prison time for “perverting the course of justice”

5 Min Read

Dominic Cummings has been accused of perverting the course of justice in his account of his lockdown trip earlier this year.

Indian government selling off Kashmir in Hindu ‘land grab’

4 Min Read

The Indian government has updated its law to allow any Indian citizen to buy land in Jammu and Kashmir.

Boycott of France spreads as protests held around the world

6 Min Read

Protests against French President Emmanuel Macron are spreading across the world following his defence of caricatures against the Prophet Muhammad (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

Idlib: Russian bombs kill over 70 in Syria

4 Min Read

Russian airstrikes on the city of Idlib have killed dozens of Syrians.