Ahmed Tomal

Ahmed Tomal is a BACP qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. He is the founder of Tawfiq Therapy (www.tawfiqtherapy.com) which is a private practice specialising in bettering mental health and relationships.
5 Articles

The Psychology of Hate

17 Min Read

Ever wondered about the deeper reasoning behind the emotion of hate? Ahmed Tomal provides some analysis.

Ten Tips To Help With Anxiety

12 Min Read

Therapist Ahmed Tomal gives ten tips from psychology and Islam to deal with anxiety

Anger Management: Practical Tips To Control Your Temper

17 Min Read

"Anger is a misunderstood emotion", writes therapist Ahmed Tomal

Helping Someone with Suicidal Thoughts

6 Min Read

What can you do to help someone who is contemplating suicide?

Ten mental health tips for lockdown

10 Min Read

How to stay sane in quarantine